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Monday, August 01, 2005

Blog Etiquette - Is It OK to "Copy & Paste" from Another Blog?

The other day a colleague at Hamline University Law Library emailed me with the following question. With her permission, I'm posting it here along with my response.

Does anyone else have anything to add on this issue?

Question: I have a question about etiquette. I have noticed that many blogs seem to just "copy and paste" information from other blogs--it is attributed (usually) to the original blog or writer, but I am wondering whether it is proper and accepted practice in the "BlogWorld" to do this? Also, are there any copyright implications?

My Response: As far as blog etiquette goes, I think that reposting someone else's post if ok, as long as you attribute it to the source. I've seen this all over the blogosphere. However, I would question the value of a blog that did nothing but "copy and paste" and had little original content of its own.

I think that the best combination is to post about what you've seen in other blogs, but also to add in your own thoughts or tailor it to your specific audience. I have, on occasion, I admit, simply duplicated someone else's post (with attribution, of course). But I try not to do it too often, and only when I feel that I really don't have anything to add.


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