CS-SIS Blawgs Committee

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Welcome to the New CS-SIS Blawgs Committee Blog

The CS-SIS Blawgs Committee has a new cyber home. Although we were happy with our old digs at Bloki, we learned that this application is no longer being supported. As such, we were unable to add any new members as contributors.

So, we've made the move over to Blogger. Unfortunately, our new home doesn't support some of the neat Bloki features such as wikis and forums. We are, however, searching for separate applications that will support those features. Stay tuned for further developments.

All committee members have been sent invitations to join the new blog. We hope that the transition will be an easy one.

We invite anyone else interested in joining the CS-SIS Blawgs Committee to contact Co-Chairs Bonnie Shucha (bjshucha@wisc.edu) or Debbie Ginsberg (dginsberg@kentlaw.edu). The more the merrier!


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