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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

In the Dealer's Room, er, Exhibit Hall

In a recent Connecting, I speculated that some exhibitors would give away USB flash drives this year. I didn't get as much chance to scour the room as I would have liked, but I must admit I don't think I saw anyone give away flash drives, though at least one vendor offered them as prizes. Did anyone else see any? Frankly, I was quite surprised.

That said, there were plenty of goodies to go around. The most popular one this year was bottled water -- good call in hot, humid San Antonio. Less thirst-quenching were the several bags of chips and pretzels I collected. Some places had stuffed animals, many had bags of one sort or another, and there were lots of pens. And boo to the one vendor who chastised me for using his competitor's pen!

There are a few items I may keep, like CALI's carabiner/flashlight (in case, say, I want to go mountain climbing in Chicago some time). Anyone see any freebies they particularly liked?


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